Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

What a great Halloween!

The weather was beautiful, and the kids had a ton of fun. Fiona was especially busy with her dance card filled up with many Halloween parties. Halloween parties are great, especially in this neck of the woods, where the weather isn't always the greatest complement to a costume.

Here's a few pics!
This is Fiona, my little Minnie Mouse, learning how to Trick or Treat.

This one's a little blurry, but I just love the cute little pose she is in. She is in a gym program on Friday mornings, and this was their party.

The kids made Mummy dogs for their halloween dinner. (that's my nephew on the left)

Add some Frogs' legs....

And some Witches' warts... and you have yourself a meal!


If you haven't yet.... you really should check out Little Momma and Company, she came up with the great idea for the Mummy dogs!!


Jen, Preston and Maren said...

I love the mummy dogs and will be making those. I also love the cans of crazy foods!

Mama Said said...

What a precious Minnie Mouse!!!!
Hilarious about leaving Dad with the kids and the candy! I have the same problem here! No puking yet though, just tummyaches.