Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Inquiline!

I had to share this amazing picture, taken in the front yard of my parents' house. I find it amazing that this flower is growing upwards of 10 feet in the air, in a tree.

Of course I had to google the definition, and came up with this:

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In zoology, an inquiline (from Latin inquilinus, "lodger" or "tenant") is an animal that lives commensally in the nest, burrow, or dwelling place of an animal of another species. For example, some organisms such as insects may live in the homes of gophers and feed on debris, fungi, roots, etc. The most widely distributed types of inquiline are those found in association with the nests of social insects, especially ants and termites — a single colony may support dozens of different inquiline species. The distinctions between parasites, social parasites, and inquilines are subtle, and many species may fulfill the criteria for more than one of these, as inquilines do exhibit many of the same characteristics of parasites. However, parasites are specifically not inquilines, because by definition they have a deleterious effect on the host species, while inquilines do not.


Crazymamaof6 said...

that is a very cool plant and definition.

Anonymous said...

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